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Tradition for more than 100 years

Wachstumspreis 2007 der Wirtschaftsregion Chemnitz – Zwickau Wachstumspreis 2007
der Wirtschaftsregion
Chemnitz – Zwickau

Preis Unternehmer des Jahres 2004 Preis Unternehmer des Jahres 2004

Sternberg embodies a tradition of many years with the solution of fastening problems and we see our roots in the manufacturing of special screws.

Plastic is the innovation of the last century and nevertheless it cannot replace our products.

It is a good feeling to know this and it is a large challenge to be ensured that it also remains in this way.

Our strength is our flexibility

We reach amazing things with our 100 workers and 10 apprentices.

Because of the multiple qualification of our employees, our flat hierarchy and the short decision ways, we are able to develop most profitable production within shortest time.

Our production capacities are economically and reasonably used and bottlenecks for example by changes of demand, illness and vacation can be avoided.

Everyone does not supply our customers


  • where highest requirements to the attachment technology are needed,
  • where already small lot sizes must to be manufactured profitably,
  • where quality and reliability are not a question of the price,

there you find our customers.